Beta 10 Charts broken

Wappler 6 Beta 10
Bootstrap 4

Donut charts now show a legend with no way to turn it off?

<dmx-chart id="chartVisitsOffice" width="300" height="300" responsive point-size="" type="doughnut" dmx-bind:data="" dataset-1:value="todaysvisits" labels="track_office"></dmx-chart>

And dates have dissapered. Bottom axis should have dates …

<dmx-chart id="chartDailyJobs" width="100" height="30" responsive="true" dmx-bind:data="" labels="Work_Date.formatDate('MMMM dd')" dataset-1:label="Job Orders" dataset-1:value="Job_Orders" points="true" point-style="rectRot" smooth="true" dataset-2:label="Approximate Daily Average" dataset-2:value="'Job_Orders').round(2)" legend="bottom"> </dmx-chart>

Argh! How can I revert my charts back?

If you are using git, just revert the previous js files for the charts.

How do I revert single files?

The charts where updated to the latest version and it seems that they moved the legend options.

Here an update: (8.3 KB)

Closer …

Now the tool tips on the donut charts showing the value don’t work. And in the line chart the dates still don’t show up.

But the legends are now gone.

New update: (8.3 KB)

There are just to many changes in the updates, it seems that the tooltips are completely different options now and the callbacks also work different. Tried my best to get them working, please test it out.

All the migration that are required, difficult to get a good overview

Thanks Patrick, donut charts work as they should. Still having issues displaying the date on the horizontal axis of line charts though.

Go have a beer. This isn’t mission critical today. :wink:

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Last update for today: (8.3 KB)

lol, don’t you sleep or drink beer? :wink:

Thank you, I will test it out in a few minutes and report back.

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Unfortunately it didn’t help my date axis issue. :frowning:

Thanks for your fantastic support!

New update: (8.4 KB)

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Yay! My dates are back! Thank you so much for your fixes. :beers:

I think Summernote or other viable text editor is my only pressing issue now.

Thanks again for all your hard work! :slight_smile:

Fixed in Wappler 6 beta 11