ASP.NET - Primary keys not auto added to Update filters

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.17134
  • Wappler Version : 1.7.0

UpdateQuery does not function correctly

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open Server Connect file

  2. Choose connection

  3. Save
    4.Choose UpdateQUery

  4. Query Panel Opens

  5. Select Table

  6. Table loads but does not add “Where ID=:$_POST_ID=ID”

Note the ID column is identified as primary key of table.

Note: I have also experienced failure to SET VALUE of VARIABLES where it appears that the value is not being captured although the values are successfully returned in simple Data Base Queries.

Very peculiar and I am wondering if somehow the most recent updates have been corrupted on my system and if this is the case, how do I clean it up and totally reinstall ?

Thank you

@wld try to click on server connection on „Options“. Click save again on your Mysql option windows, where you just leave username, password. etc. then click save so your server action is stored again. try it now. I had issues like u, as changes in my queries didnt have any effect to my queries.

Hello, you should add your ID column in the conditions tab, not in the columns and values.

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The various tutorials indicate that it is not necessary to create a Global Post variable and that the update function will automatically display the unique ( primary) key in the table that is being updated. This will be displayed as the SQL function in both the columns and values panel as well as the conditions panel.

I first sent the the columns and values panel image, showing the incomplete SQL, the next image is the conditions panel showing the choice of the ID column, and the incomplete SQL. If the tutorials are correct than there is no requirement to set the post variable. Which is the correct method and why don’t my update actions reflect the apparent design ?

Thanks, but I am using MS SQL Server and not MySQL .

As soon as you select your table from the dropdown in the update record dialog, it adds the columns in the columns list and the identity column in the conditions tab and assigns a post variable to it.
Maybe your table is not properly configured and the identity column is not set as a primary key?

PS. Freddy’s issue is not related to this.

I understand that is how it is supposed to work. Select column and there is an assigned post value. The problem is that it is not working. Should I uninstall/reinstall Wappler ? And if so are there specific registry settings that have to be addressed.


This table has been used in the past and had no problems associated with it, This problem has only come up after the last update.

Is it only happening with this table? Have you tried some other database/table?

The same problem occurs with any table…and with other databases. That is why it is so frustrating.

And this happens with mssql only?

I have not used anything else ( over 15 years ) except MSSQL Server.

I see @patrick will check this.

OK - should I try the reinstall ?

If you are sure this is from the last update you can send us a debug log for further investigation as described in:

Do note that even if the primary field is automatically added to your filter, you should always check it and make sure the global vat exists and is named as you want as maybe the automatic naming is not always desired

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.17134
  • Wappler Version : 1.7.0

Problem description

Update Action not loading correctly ?

Steps to reproduce

Please check the following topic explaining how to attach the log file: How to report bugs together with the Wappler debug log (88.3 KB)

Have you received the report ?