Argon2id Module Not Found issue

I got this error after testing the argon2id password hash when creating a user (NodeJs Projec).

I can see the module crypto.js inside lib/modules, but i cannot see any script link inside layout page.

Any idea what goes wrong?

here is the error i got…
Cannot find module 'argon2'\nRequire stack:\n- /Users/thines/wappler-projects/monex/lib/modules/crypto.js\n-

Sounds like a file may be missing. Try deleting the entire dmxConnectLib folder then open and resave a server action to recreate it.

Hi @Hyperbytes, thanks for the reply. i have tried it but no luck still the same error exist.
libs is the folder right? or dmxConnectLib? i dnt see that name, i only see libs folder.

here is the full error:

please have a look at this issue @Teodor

Yes, sorry. Quoted php solution, should be /lib folder
module should be under lib/modules/crypto.js

No problem, @Hyperbytes, crypto.js is there inside modules, but how that used in project? like script link or…?

Wappler should handle all that, it is called internally. think this is one for the team as I have no idea what is happening. Either that or try a reinstall of wappler as the error message indicates it may be missing from your wappler install

Do you have "argon2": "^0.28.3" in your package.json also have you tried to update node modules

its there, but node_modules folder not exist, seems like its needed right? npm install should be done to have those packages, but initialy i compare with my other nodejs project, they do not has node_modules folder either. basic project just created also same, no node_modules folder. i will get back with installing the packages and try

Just created a test project, initialy node_modules are not exist! is this correct? @Teodor

If you have selected to use the Wappler Local Server, no additional node_modules are installed but the Wappler builds-ins are used. I think we haven included argon2 there yet.

So choose to use “own server” which will use your regular NodeJS on your system and fully install all required node_modules, including the argon2 one if you use it.

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