Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Wappler 5.0.0 Beta 1 Released

Go get it from https://wappler.io/beta/

Latest stable 4.9.1 is still available
You can use both at the same time

What’s New

Well here it is - the most anticipated Wappler 5 Beta 1!

We have implemented a major update of our core engine and native modules, so Wappler is now mighty fast and everything loads at superb speed.

Our Wappler branding is also getting a huge overhaul! Check our new logo and design style.

You can install the Wappler 5 beta, next to your existing Wappler 4 version and they will co-exists peacefully. Even your projects will be auto imported.
You can choose which Wappler version to start and use, when ever you want.

This is just the first beta to let you test our Wappler core engine, so we can make sure everything is rock solid.

In the next beta updates we will be focusing more on UI experience and additional components.
Also we will be introducing a brand new Wappler account management and login.

Wappler 5 Beta

  • Install the Wappler 5 beta in its own configuration folder, so it can co-exists nicely with previous Wappler stable installation
  • Auto Import projects and options in Wappler 5 beta from the previous official version


  • Greatly improved Wappler loading experience. Now the loading screen is always shown when the main Wappler window is loading.
  • Close Project now returns to Welcome Screen
  • When no project is open - the Welcome Screen is shown first
  • Improved native window integration when light theme is used
  • Greatly improved Wappler startup speed
  • Major update to Electron 18 with all native modules, with huge speed improvements
  • Added colored icons to the main app menu
  • Added also file icons to the recent open files menu
  • Greatly speed up main window loading
  • Added showing animation of the main sidebar icons
  • Loading speed optimizations on various Wappler popup dialogs
  • Improved styling the custom titlebar close button in Windows
  • Improved Wappler 5 notifications, with the new style and the title
  • Clear progress after downloading updates

New Branding

  • Implemented new startup logo
  • Restyled Project Manager - Welcome Screen

Native Popups and Dialogs

  • Greatly improve loading speed and show of the Data Bindings Pickers and Add Elements dialogs

Theme Manager

  • Implemented new blazing fast Sass compiler for compiling the Bootstrap themes in the Theme Manager, based on Dart Sass.
  • Huge increase in Sass compile speed with at least 2x
  • Improved even more Sass compilation speed and UI responsiveness - now with a huge speed boost

Project Manager

  • Implemented Project Manager as standalone window
  • Improved styling to Wappler 5
  • Improved new project creation
  • Added Project Manager to the tray menu
  • Improved new styling to be more dynamic and responsive

Wappler Welcome Screen

  • Improved styling
  • Improved new project creation, more explanation and styling
  • Style according the chosen theme
  • Added minimize on the custom titlebar on Windows

Stripe Integration

  • Updated integrated Stripe module to SDK 9.1.0
  • Added other required modules

Wappler Terminals

  • Highly optimized the terminal processes. Now very memory efficient and responsive
  • Implemented new memory efficient en faster terminal and output pane, Specially on Windows
  • optimized cleanup on project switch

Wappler Local Server

  • Optimized the Wappler Local server to be running much more memory efficient
  • Improved Wappler Local Server shutdown and restart
  • Included Argon2 as native module included in Wappler
  • Include the latest Stripe module

Cordova Mobile

  • Improved system check

App Connect Bootbox 5

  • Updated bootbox component to the latest version for better Safari compatibility