Appointment system


I am needing to create an appointment system where clients can book appointments online with specific staff members. I can’t see any possible way of doing this with Wappler, so I guess I am looking to see if anyone has integrated any third party solutions for this?

  1. First check if you really need to develop it from scratch.
  2. There is a Flight booking example here as showcase (Geocode Plugin). I guess its similar.
  3. Booking is smth, like everything else, which needs to be dead simple for visitors. A lot of booking solutions got some fancy user interface. Check also what REAL requirements you have:
  • Calendar Booking with date and time?
  • Blocked times between bookings?
  • Booking cancellation?
  • Booking notification, Email?
  • Multilang?
  • Calendar view? Appointment Listview?
  • Payments? Refund?
  • Multiuser?
  • Etc…

2 years ago I compared some booking solutions and it can be very very complex later. Choose wisely what you do and invest half a day or more before making a decision.


Although my answer is quick without too much thought, why you see this as impossible with Wappler?


It would require some sort of calendar component I would think. How would I block of days in 30 minute blocks for example?

I would need it to have the client login and choose a job coach to meet with and show availabale times for that specific staff member.


We use Fullcalendar for this Brad. I won’t say it is easy to work with but if you know a little Javascript and PHP it can do everything you need.


Thanks Dave, I will have a look at it.


Well again as a quick aswerr but maybe the following could work:

1.You set specific 30minutes block in a table (10.00-10.30 10.30-11.00 etc)
1a.Since Each one of these blocks will have an id
2.You will be able assign as a ‘many to many’ relation each day with each time block
3.So when a user tries to book an appointment she/he will be able to choose from all the timeframes that are not in the many to many table that connects days-timeframes-coaches

Again this is a very quick schema but it might help the conversation lead to a solution within Wappler

I remember I had created something similar with PHP a long time ago but unfortunatelly that webisite is not live anymore