[Another Request Attempt] : Action Builder for dynamic html element


This is my another attempt to request for this feature.

Usage case: Let say I want to use App Connect to trigger Dynamic Event when onClick button with id=“id-1” , but the button is a dynamic button that will only available on doc ready, not a predefined button that I can use Wappler UI to set the dynamic event initially. Here is where I think such UI functionality is needed.

Another usage case is that, developer can set custom function based on App Connect that is reusable to many elements without having to duplicate the step for each element. For example by setting a custom attribute or by using class to select and trigger the element.

Currently I can use jquery to achieve the above. Just pushing the idea so that it can be done just by using App Connect and Wappler graphical user interface.

Made a simple mockup for ice breaking. What do you guys think?

@transcoderm are you requesting again same feature? Please do not repost same topics.

Also it is totally not clear to me what are you trying to achieve…

Maybe instead of talking how you code things, try to explain the end result for the user.

Sorry I couldn’t find my previous post in my post history thats why. Will explain later when I get back to my laptop.

Can you not use a standard button but toggle its visibility based on however you define “doc ready”

The button is generated by 3rd party script.

Alright @George. I can provide you one example that I believe can relate.

Expected result: Be able to delete file when this button ‘Remove’ is selected.
By default, using Medium Editor with AppConnect + Server Connect, when you click ‘Remove’ image button, it will not delete the file in your folder. There’s a walkaround however to make this possible, which is by triggering onClick event to this ‘Remove’ button. The problem here is that this ‘Remove’ button will only available when an image is loaded into Medium Editor.

By further inspecting the ‘Button’ property, we know that we can select this ‘Remove’ button by its class etc. For example, in this case the class we’re interested in is “.medium-editor-action-imageDelete”.

How can I select this particular ‘Remove’ button and then trigger remove the img file ( by using Server Connect File Remove action)?

Looking for permanent solution for such scenario and not only walkaround for this case.

Thank you for your further enlightenment.

well @transcoderm - you lost me again - in very complex description of all kind of server connect/app connect actions.

Can you just explain from user point of view ?
Do you just want user to delete image from the editable area in medium editor?

In the example above, yes, and when user does that, it should also delete the image file in the server.

Like this @George

ok so you want to build a gallery with images that can be deleted as well?

Please follow the video series of Ben about this:

Those explain very well how to do this.

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If I understood @transcoderm correctly, his request related to many situations where the only option is currently to use jQuery or javascript.

An example of something which is quite common would be to select checkboxes in a table. You might have a checkbox in each row, and also a single checkbox which would select/deselect the checkboxes in every row. Eg you might select all checkboxes with once click, then deselect a few perhaps, and finally perform some operation on those selected (ie perform a server connect action).

In a CRUD system, this feature could have many uses. I don’t think you can do this with Wappler alone. This is what I understood from the @transcoderm’s mockup - which looked very interesting. But I could have misunderstood. (I was slightly confused by the image gallery suggestions etc.)

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I appreciate the understanding and videos by Ben. I’m watching the videos. However if you understood me I want to delete the img using the Remove button of medium editor not later from published image gallery.

User added image during editing then he decided to change the image. He removed the image. The image should be instantly being removed from the server, not later. This is just an example case but I have other usage cases as well but I don’t want to make your more confused.

As mentioned earlier I can achieved what I need using jquery. Just hoping I can do it visually using Wappler in the future. Since this request is not likely being considered I can call it a day then.

Thank you for your time.

Well then posting a request like “Delete image from the server when deleted in medium editor” sounds much more clear to me than " Action Builder for dynamic html element" :slight_smile:

Well that’s just example and there is already post about it answed by Teodor. I have other usage case but with input mask library but again explaining it would make it more complicated. My feature request is all about action builder as the mock up not only just about resolving remove img in medium editor. No problem though I can stick with the way I currently do it. Cheers.