Amount range returns no results until

Hey everyone,

I have a database search where I let users filter and sort data.
It’s working great.

One problem: on the “amount” range filter, nothing shows up until the users enters data.

You can see on the search here, that results (in the background) are there because I’ve entered a dramatic range in the picker:

But, on this one (the default when it loads), nothing shows up because there is nothing in the amount range.

It works fine with the text filtering (probably because there is “no” filtering out of things when no text is entered).

How do I tell Wappler that I only want to apply this filter when data is entered?
Or is there a better way?


Here’s what I did as a workaround, though I’d be happy to hear better ways.

I created hidden variables with values of -99999999999 and 9999999999999 that actually do the search.
Then, when a user has a “key up” action in the text input field it updates the hidden value.

Works for the moment.


Have a look at this topic it contains groups for the query and adding a condition to the group you could apply this here and just check your variables aren’t null

So great, I completely missed the filters part of the query.

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Was there a tutorial page/docs on how you setup your search pop up?

I found this here:

It wasn’t exactly the same, and I modified it to work in a modal, but it’s essential the same concept