After Many Failures Error Continues

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I have rebuilt a list table and generated update form several times. Each time I have followed the video tutorial line by line. I cannot locate what I have overlooked along the way.

I continue to get this error message stating that it cannot locate the api files:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Before button click…


After button click…

In the console area this is the message:

“code”: 0,
“file”: “/home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/modules/dbconnector.php”,
“line”: 124,
“message”: “array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given”,
“trace”: “#0 [internal function]: exception_error_handler(2, ‘array_filter() …’, ‘/home/blaxstud/…’, 124, Array)\n#1 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/modules/dbconnector.php(124): array_filter(Object(stdClass), Array)\n#2 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/modules/dbconnector.php(20): modules\dbconnector->parseOptions(Object(stdClass))\n#3 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/lib/App.php(159): modules\dbconnector->select(Object(stdClass), ‘detail_admin’)\n#4 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/lib/App.php(128): lib\App->execSteps(Object(stdClass))\n#5 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/lib/App.php(98): lib\App->execSteps(Array)\n#6 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnectLib/lib/App.php(71): lib\App->exec(Object(stdClass))\n#7 /home/blaxstud/public_html/pentekotista/dmxConnect/api/Testing/detail_admin.php(119): lib\App->define(’{\n “meta”: {\n …’)\n#8 {main}”

The error is not it cannot find a file, The error is:

“message”: “array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given”,

And that means there is some issue with the action file. Please zip it (hdmxConnect/api/Testing/detail_admin.php) and send it to me as a personal message.

—removed by admin—

Please do not post action files which may contain sensitive database info to the public forums.
I asked you to send a personal message.

Anyway - i got the server action and will check it.

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I’m not certain how to send it to you personally. The reply inside your comment is what I thought would work. Sorry about that.

You just click on Teodor profile picture from his post above yours and his profile info will come up and a red box saying message. That way you can private message anyone you like.

Ah! Thanks! I appreciate your help.

No problem. It’s a feature I’m sure the Wappler team must hate, I use it as sparingly as possible. But I assume they probably get as many private messages as forum posts. Haha


What is the PHP version you are running? And what is the database you are connecting to?

Database: MySQL
PHP: Not sure, it’s on Bluehost

Can you check this in your hosting control panel? It should be displayed there.


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Thanks, i am currently checking your page and the action file you sent.

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Are you using the latest version of Wappler?

Version: 1.7.0

I think some old file is left on your server.
Please remove manually the dmxConnectLib folder locally, then save your action file. This will recreate the folder locally, make sure to manually upload it to your server so that it overwrites the existing files there.

Manually upload like this?

Yes, but first make sure to delete it, and save the action file so that it gets recreated on save.


Well it’s working perfectly fine now :slight_smile:

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