After Many Failures Error Continues

Great job!

One more thing relative to this page… when clicking the update button, how can I get the photo upload to be populated?

What do you mean by “get the photo upload to be populated?”

When the update button is clicked to populate the form. All the fields are populated except the file form field. Is there a way to populate it with the current data from the database just as the others are?

No, that is not possible.
Browsers do not allow pre-populating file field or changing its content via script.

What is the reason to want this populated with something? If the user wants to update the field they will select a new image?

If you just want to show current image … add an image tag below the field and assign dynamic image scr attribute to it. The same way it’s done in the table :slight_smile:

So if no changes are made to the photo file field during the update, the current image path in the database will not be changed, e.g. end up blank?

But that’s controlled in the action file :slight_smile: as in dmxzone extensions - use the condition field in the update dialog.

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@web-works shared this post some time back
How to check if there is a file upload needed or not with form submit

Works beautifully!

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