Adding Current Date to Form Field

I need to add the current date to a form field. I know I have done this in Dreamweaver but can’t seem to find out how in Wappler.

Add date and time component, set it to period: days.
Bind its value as a dynamic attributes>value in your form field (format it of course, as you need it).

Thats just it, I can’t find the date and time component. I know it’s there somewhere. :wink:

Found it under Data … not where I’d expect to find it.

Where should we place it then?
HINT: you can also use the search field in the components dialog to find the one you need :slight_smile:

Not sure where it should go. I suppose data is as good a place as any. Just didn’t think to look there. I always forget about the search … I should try and remember that. :wink:

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Ok, please share a suggestion if you find a more suitable place to put the date and time component :slight_smile:

I am happy with where it is but if i had to make a suggestion, a new “DateTime” folder containing it, Moment, Date Range Picker and Date Picker


That’s a good suggestion :slight_smile: maybe @George can make a separate folder for these components.


We are thinking in totally reordering the components - and just put them in 7 main categories.

Will be a challenge , see also:

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