Add "Suggested" to Server Connect

Similar under “App Structure”, add “Suggested” to Server Connect. For example, right click “Database Connect” step then “Database Actions” will be suggested instead of defaulting to “API Connector”.

Hi @Quy,
It’s easy to add this on the front end, as there are specific elements there which can only be used inside or nested in other specific elements.

In server connect, as in your example, after the database connection step there could literally be any other step - a database query, a send mail step, a validation step or an API connection.

We were discussing the option to add the most used steps as suggested in the future updates.

Often used steps would be nice. Or highlight the parent category that the step belongs to because I find myself performing related actions often.

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Yes we are thinking indeed of adding something like recently used, or frequently used

Another option might be to allow users to select ‘favourites’ - and choose which options appears as suggestions/by default. I imagine this might be simpler than tracking recent or frequent usage, and would be just as good or better in my opinion.

On a related matter, choosing ‘favourites’ for Fontawesome icons would be very useful. Perhaps this should be a separate feature request.

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Until this is implemented, please…please…please consider moving Core Actions to the top or make it the default selection.


Agreed with all suggestions to improve the Server Action workflow (might apply to the frond-end workflow too but I spend most of my time in the back-end).

Like this :

“Most used” steps could be determined either by “real use” or by the user simply bookmarking his favorites steps.
Whichever is easier to implement would be a huge timesaver already.

Thak you very much for reading (and voting Quy request if you find it useful).
Have a great day !

I find myself repeating some steps quite regularly - IMO what would be really nice, to improve the workflow, is the option to have a ‘template’ SC which could include all the things that are the first things a user uses all the time
In most cases, I would imagine, it would involve a particular DB connection, Security Provider, Security Restrict.

I have quite a few SC Actions that include API connections where the credentials are obtained from the DB so I could include that step too. Something like the setup you have for adding frameworks to a new page would work well, I think.

The workaround that I currently have is that in each project, I set up a template SC action which I duplicate, rename and move to the folder of choice.