Add a hyperlink to an image


I’ve been using wapple for a while and one thing I haven’t figured out yry is how to make an image hyperlink so if you click on the image it redirects you to a hyperlink.

If I use an anchor image I can add a hyperlink but I don’t know how to make the image display. If I use a regular image there is no way to add a hyperlink??


Anchor image is the way to go.
Attach the link to it and just select your image source as on normal image :slight_smile:
Anchor image element is just a regular image wrapped with an <a> tag.


OH crap, all this time when I added the anchor image it had the image “sub selection” below it and I was deleting it thinking I had theft the other image in there! oops


Haha, no it should be there :slight_smile: otherwise it won’t be possible to display the image.


Yea, figured that out the hard way! I’ve been using this for months and never really had to do a link on an image. I know I wanted to makw the logo in my nav bar link to th home page but I don’t think I was ble to do that?


You can add image in the “navbar brand” element in your navbar.


well what do ya know it’s back to basics day and I’m learning how to do the first things i did correctly this time. Thanks

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