Access query values in a condition

When I create a query in the condition, I cannot see the debug. I tried to explain with the screenshot.

Where are you trying to access the query from? Where did you open the datepicker from?

What the output option does is to make query return results on the front end, it’s not related to server connect and its data picker.

I don’t understand what you want to say with datepicker ??

Yes. but I want to use formatter. So I want to do how many records are returned on the server side. How can I get this result if the query does not appear :slight_smile:

@Teodor What is the reasoning behind hiding results that are within a condition?

Allow data binding to things in a Condition

Sorry, i meant data picker :slight_smile: Where in your server action are you using it?

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:slight_smile: ok

@Teodor, I will use the result I get from there again in a condition


I have used it many times before. Something’s wrong right now. that is, we could use it as we wanted in the condition. I think something has been overlooked during the improvements.

I just tested this - using a setvalue step outside the condition. It works fine, that’s why i am asking you where your step you are opening the data picker from?

create sub condition and try again @Teodor

Ok Serhat,
Please then explain what exactly are you trying to access and where are you trying to access it from - it will be best to show both in one screenshot.

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Which application do you use for gif screen recording? :slight_smile:

But i don’t need a gif, i want to see where is the step you want to access your query is located.

Ahh. Seeing now that you are looking from within the same server action. My request is that those can also be seen on front-end. I won’t hijack the thread. :slight_smile:

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full action steps

So you have a condition step nested in the then and you want to access this query located in the then step, from withing the nested condition step, is that right?

right yes 3 level

Actually you have 3 levels of conditions nested?
And want to access something in level 2 from within level 3?


Ok we are going to check if this can be improved.

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