Allow data binding to things in a Condition

This one hits me every day…referencing the output of a server action, or even just referencing within the same server action is not possible if the data is contained within a condition.

If it really benefits people to have these hidden, then perhaps a toggle of sorts to allow it when needed.

It’s not in the list when you’re outside the condition because the data won’t be available. Or have I misunderstood?

That’s not actually correct. The data may OR may not be available. It is just making an evaluation and giving the option to take two paths. Just because it sits within a condition does not mean it is never utilized outside the condition.

I think I’ve had the same problem but then with repeaters, it seems like data (for instance a “set value”) in a repeater is also not accessible outside it.

Yep, I get what you mean. This has my vote now :wink:

EDIT: Disregard. This has already been implemented. I’m experiencing a different bug, which I’ll file.

@George Can you explain the reasoning behind not showing values in the data picker that are contained within a condition? Especially with the move to tags, it is an imperative that we be able to choose all values.