AC2 named routing parameters broken when using internal links

Wappler Version : 6.3.3 beta channel
Operating System :
Server Model: node
Database Type:
Hosting Type:

Expected behavior

When using a browser.goto with Internal ticked, should recognize the parameter.

Actual behavior is empty

How to reproduce

Setup routing parameters using a named parameter

Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 8.45.33 AM

Using a browser goto (in my case from within a flow

The result is an empty query and no data being retrieved (based on the query param)

However on a full page refresh, it works as expected

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Is there one or more meta tags on the page with name="ac:route"? Can you post the html of these tags and the order in which they are in the DOM.

Hey Patrick,

No duplicates of ac:route found…one and only one on each page.

<meta name="ac:route" content="/kitchen_prep/post/:post_id?">

This morning I experimented with location…top, middle, end. All the same result. I also tried making the named parameter required, instead of option, but no change with that either.

I have also come across the same issue in AC2. The URL is shown with the correct query parameter, but the data is not loaded. If I refresh the page with the URL in place, the data loads correctly.

I’m having this exact issue right now. Url path is fine, but the page is blank. AC1 no issues.

I also have no duplicates @patrick , and the previously working <meta name="ac:route" content="/jobs/:jobuuid">

Is sitting at the bottom of the page.

The API’s that would fetch the data are loading, but they return ‘null’ as the parameter isn’t being passed from the URL to the API.

Is there perhaps a meta tag on the page with name="ac:base"?

Hi Patrick,

I have searched in the project files and there is no duplicate meta tag for ac:route on any page. There is also no meta tag entry for ac:base in the project.

@patrick any update here? I’m having to trigger a refresh on each page which is undesirable and there are a number of people experiencing this core issue.

Can you test with the latest versions from yesterday’s release. There were several smaller updates related to routing in it. I’ve not been able to reproduce the problem locally, tell me if the update helps or if there are any changes after the update. The update also includes some extra error logging which was missing for when something goes wrong while updating the route view component.

Hi @patrick

Yes tested with latest version, the issue still remains. I’m not sure where I would find this extra logging to pass on to you - can you let me know where to look? Nothing in console.

Before AC2 this work and still works perfectly.

What I’m doing is fairly simple;

  • Using a browser component to redirect the page with internal ticked, there is a UID passed in the url
  • The UID is then used in the server connect to grab the data which should load on the page
  • In AC1 this loads as expected in AC2 it returns a null value.

The only way I’ve found to fix this is to add a page flow that runs automatically - this checks if the query.jobuuid exists. If it does, it loads the server connect. If it doesn’t then it refreshes the page, checks if query.jobuuid exists again and then loads the server connect.

This only works on page refresh, when using an internal link it does not seem to pick up the query.jobuuid.

Hi @patrick what else do you need from me / us to find a solution here?

The error in onloadwff.js is not relevant, it seems to come from the lastpass browser extension.

Do you have an online example of the incorrect behavior, I’m not able to reproduce it locally.

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Thx to @mebeingken I was able to test it on a page where it was broken, here is an update that should fix it. Let me know if there are still issues. (9.5 KB)

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This fixes it perfectly. Thank you @patrick - and apologies for my delay, I don’t seem to get every notification from the community.

Thanks @mebeingken for raising this, too.

Fixed in Wappler 6.4.1

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