Ability to test server actions in the editor

if we could select a server action and provide the input and see the output directly in the editor. this will save so much time in debugging and make server side actions more integrated into the editor

I think this would be a good idea to be able to play around with the inputs and see the outputs, or just generally check your query is correct.

In the past I’ve had to copy the SQL generated into phpMyAdmin to check the output was what I was expecting.

with single query its not that important but when you have something like this:

its a nightmare to debug. even the screen is not friendly with this. but that’s another feature request

Really Impressive !
You made me very curious !!

Regarding debugging queries, this might be useful:

(if you're on Windows - but I'm sure there's a Mac equivalent)

Also, for checking the output, the feature to run the query and view the JSON is very useful, and if you're using GET parameters, you can of course add them at that point.

Having said that, a proper debugger would be a nice feature - but probably not a trivial task to develop, and there are more important things to come first (IMO).

debugging is the most important part in development. you are lost without it wasting all the time you saved in the front end to chase a missing quotes :slightly_smiling_face:
and there is a need to debug conditions and repeats not just quires.

I agree, and in other environments I would certainly be lost with a debugger. However, there are some options for debugging in Wappler - eg the JSON output, browser developer tools, PHP error logs and MySQL query logs etc… If people develop in a more and more sophisticated way with Wappler - eg web applications more than sites - then a proper debugger would be extremely useful.

However, I suspect that if a great deal of effort went into this now, fundamental essentials might have to wait. Eg currently, Wappler doesn’t match even web browser source view for basic, quick searching, let alone other editors such as Brackets, Atom etc. (and Dreaweaver).

If I want to search through a long page, I paste the HTML from Wappler into UtraEdit (the text editor I use most). It’s very frustrating. Anyway, this is just one example of issues wihch should be priorities, particularly if Wappler is to meet the basic expectations of new users/developers.