A couple of thoughts - context menu

Having use the new design view context menu for a while, here’s just a few observations/thoughts:

  1. The form component in the menu (for things like columns) is not the server connect one. I would imagine that most people (as they are using Wappler) would more commonly be using Server Connect forms. This also applies to the ‘Suggested’ category in the full component menu (I think the context menu is actually the suggested category and just needs modifying).
  2. The Nav component is at the bottom and has the same icon as the More option - it is easily confused
  3. I personally don’t use many of the components shown on the first list very frequently and often have to click More. This is an extra, unwelcome, step in the workflow. Allowing ‘favourites’ to be added would help (Favourites option for context menu) - I’d rather get the full menu up from clicking a + in design view rather than this intermediate step. That way I could also start filtering by typing without the extra step.
  4. Tables IMHO are a very common feature on my pages and those I have seen in the showcase/forum and should be in this first list

Please report any components/elements you think are missing or wrongly suggested and also which parent element are you adding them in.

This has been improved in Wappler 5.1.1 - now there are two new options in the general options, where you can switch back to the old insert menus.