2 Custom domains pointing to the same wappler app with Traefik

We’re still in the product-market fit stage of our app and want to use multiple names for now.

I’ve hired someone in the past to set up the traefik labels in the docker-compose.yml to make sure we have wildcard subdomains (it’s a SaaS so we’re working with for example clientA.myapp.com and clientB.myapp.com etc.)

What I am trying to do now is add another domain name that routes the traffic to the exact same place, so for the server it doesn’t matter at all if the user is on clientA.originaldomain.com or clientA.newdomain.com

I spent a few hours figuring out Traefik with Docker, but it’s complicated…

Can somebody help me set this up?

This is my docker-compose.yml

So in here the originaldomain works fine. But the newdomain doesn’t.

Now I’ve tried to add some labels on line 13,14 and 15.
When I go to the url of the newdomain the result is an ssl error (‘this site is unsafe’) and if I continue, it throws a 404.

Any pointers are very very welcome!

Check this post out:

Thank you so much Ben, you’re saving me days of time and frustration!

Got the main domain working with this.

The wildcard subdomain took some extra work

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