YouTube Channels you frequent?

After posting a link to a Linus Tech Tips video featuring the new Asus offering, and seeing others here also enjoy the content on LTT, I thought I’d ask what Channels do Wappler Users watch during down-time or between updates, life, and the Universe? I could list quite a few but will stick to technology in this instance and name a few I regularly enjoy watching:

I’ll start off with obviously LTT. Great Channel and always up to date. Been a viewer for years and always enjoy the content.

Also like the TechLead, ex Google Tech Lead, ex Facebook Tech Lead. Great personality and informative topics. Can come across as a bit arrogant but none the less very good.

Recently Clement Mihailescu has become a regular. Nice fresh approach to covering many aspects of recruitment, insider knowledge, and always clear and concise with some great guests and topics.

Computerphile. Nottingham University Computer Sciences students and proffesors covering a wide range of related topics from history to algorythyms, AI, security, and a whole host of other topics.

Those are a few of the Channels I enjoy. Would like to hear what Channels you find interesting and their topics if you feel like sharing?


I’ll add Caleb Curry to the list above. Remarkable young man with an effortless way of communicating. Great tutorials on subjects such as MySQL, Java, C++, HTML, PHP, and a whole host of other topics! Highly recommend his MySQL series to any new comer!

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