YouTube Channel for Advanced Wappler Workflows/Extensions

Hey all,

I will start a YouTube channel for more advanced workflows and use cases in a Wappler NodeJS environment. The first video will be about logging. I’m considering videos about CI/CD and a couple more topics. Please let me know if you have any ideas or requests.


Thank you, the more resources the better for all of us.

Question … what is CI/CD? :wink:

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery :slight_smile: Pushing automatically from Git repos to your app and running automated tests etc


Oh, way above my skill knowledge level :wink:

I don’t even know what that means but am looking forward to learning. :beers:

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Id love to learn more on this. Im currently using portainer and it just polling github every 5ms or so for changes. (no testing tho)

Also would love any sort of tutorials on creating components for wappler from basic ui elements, to api calls, and workflows.

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Sounds great. If you are after ideas would love to see a video on Jwt in wappler as a continuation for the medium article .

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CI/CD yes please!

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CI/CD is a big Yes. In fact, I am interested in knowing everything that I need to do once I finish developing code on Wappler.

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The CI part (of CI/CD) would be the most interesting for me: what sort of tests are you running in Wappler apps… :grimacing:

Pinging @karh - he’s interested in CI/CD as well


I’d love some videos on the real world aspects of creating a mobile app…

The basics of Framework 7 (can’t find much on YouTube about it)

Why choose F7 vs BS5

The flow of getting a mobile app from a Wappler design to being live in App Stores

How best to handle authorisation and storage of auth details on the phone and sync it with the web app login methods.

Design considerations for web app server actions and database to make them most mobile app friendly.

What are all these pouch/couch/sqlLite database technologies for and how are they used with an existing database to enable local storage and syncing of data.

For me it is getting the big picture concepts clear in my head so I can them read more detailed written articles and know what on earth they are talking about!


CI/CD yes!!!

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Good idea! That’s something I will definitely cover in the videos. I’m currently using JWTs extensively.

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Yeah, CI/CD is quite a big topic. Covering automated tests in these videos is a good idea. I’m currently using auto scaling GitLab runners and CodeceptJS for automated E2E testing on merge requests & GitLab pipelines for custom extension unit tests.

I most likely won’t cover mobile apps this year. But I have a mobile app project in Q1/Q2 2024 and then I can make some videos about that as well.

I went with Wappler because I need a super customized logistics management application that fits my business like a glove. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to pay the pros for a fancy solution. On the bright side, I think I have enough coding chops to build it myself. Plus, I don’t think off-the-shelf solutions would be able to handle my unique business logic and dynamics anyway.

I need a web-based IT solution to help my business grow, but I’m on a tight budget, so I’m tackling the development solo and full stack. My plan is to create five different app modules, each with its own layout and user access based on subscription. However, I know I’m not a pro (yet!), so I’m going to start with a basic, minimal version of the app. This way, I can test it out and add more features as I go.

So I need budget-friendly solutions with bunch free tools suggestions that I can handle on my own to manage database changes without messing up production data. And of course, once the app is up and running, I need it to be reliable and free from downtime or data loss. After all, four different stakeholder groups will be using it to work together and streamline our work.

Please include in your CI/CD tutorials or guides tool options for self-employers who are financially thin but want to ensure max data security and reliability.

Looking forward to great taking from it and thank you in advance.

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Thank you. Judging by the number of questions on the forum, you will have content for a hundred years.
CI/CD is a great topic, I think that you can’t do without diving into GIT in the first video, for example, I couldn’t get married wappler and self hosted Gitea.

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Use third party API as data source for security provider.

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Thanks @Apple

Definitely interested in CI/CD

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CI/CD yes!!! :wink:

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Thanks so much for all the feedback to everyone in this thread!

The first video will be about logging, and I will release a logging extension for Wappler alongside the video to make the setup easier.

I think starting with proper logging, how to send logs from multiple containers to a single server, and how to quickly read logs and parse them locally is a good first step.

Then the following videos will be around CI/CD etc. Logging will help you debug issues that might arise with more complex topics.

CI/CD is a vast topic. So I will most likely release the basics re CI/CD to YouTube and then maybe record a paid course for a complete CI/CD configuration specific to Wappler from start to finish since this would involve a lot of work.

Thoughts on this approach?

Thanks again to all of you :slight_smile: