Would like people thoughts about this site


Hi guys, I am currently in the final stages of this website and would like to get any suggestions or feedback, especially on the product update and also the messages.
Your help and opinions are appreciated.


You will need to register before you can gain access, for licence number use ACB12345.


Hi Peter, one thing at a time. I am not receiving any emails.


Received password reset after 20 minutes. Could not find a way to get back to the login page except to reload the main url.

Edit: It is a bad idea to use

[mailto:admin@buysellipsc.com.au?subject=Issues Logging In]


  1. it exposes your email address to the harvesters
  2. it uses an email client which may not be available on the client system

Edit2: I find the unauthorised access page offensive seeing that I did not receive a confirmation email.


Not sure why you have not got the email @Ben just checking into that now, it seems the server threw and error of:
25: SMTP error from remote mail server after pipelined DATA: 451 4.7.1 Service unavailable - try again later

However I have manually authorised you so you should be able to get in now.

lol unauthorised yes I’ve got to tone it down a little :wink:


Just saw a small issue with the message in the register form, when the email is already registered:
Email already is already registered

I also have not received any email yet (registered 5mins ago).
Maybe you should check your smtp/mail server?

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let me know if you get the email @Teodor there seems to be a bit of an issue there I think.


@Teodor I don’t think the emails are sending for some reason (need to work that one out), I’ve manually activated your account so you will be able to log in now

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@Teodor OK not sure what I did apart from re save the file but email has come through now for me on a test I’ve just done.


Works fine now and also the reset password email works fine :slight_smile:

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@ben will have a look at the contact problem, I guess it would be better to throw a form in there will at send mail on it.
Good point did not think of the email harvester’s :slight_smile:


@Teodor yes thanks for that awesome walk through you did on how to do the password reset. :slight_smile:

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@ben Change the unauthorised page and added a form, so thanks for the feedback on that one.
The emails seem to be working now, I think a file had not uploaded properly. Have you had change to look at the rest of it yet ?