Working on two computers

What is the best way to work on two computers? I have the office iMac and also a MacBook and currently use Google Drive to sync folders. If I work with a synced folder in Wappler, will there be any issues? Does Wappler store any project information outside of the project folder?

Well that is the convenience of Wappler :slight_smile:

As Wappler stores all the project settings in the same folder (hidden .wappler subfolder) - you can indeed sync it and pick up your work on the second computer.

You do might need to start Wappler again on the new computer so it picks the project changes

Also note that this works indeed for single user only. And you really have to make sure you are working on one computer at the time.

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Perfect. Yep, it’s only me using it. I often work during the day and then continue in the evening on the laptop.

Sorry, I’m struggling to find the location of the wappler project settings in order to copy across to a second device. I use a desktop in the office which I regularly sync across to my laptop for when I’m not in the office. I can’t seem find the location of the Wappler program files let alone the hidden wappler subfolder on my desktop (Windows 10).

Hello @staticcaravanuk,
The project settings are located in a folder called .wappler in your project folder.