Working on Secure Sites with Node and local server logs out

I am trying to learn node and have set up a small dashboard. Everything is going good so far but everytime I save a file locally I have to relog in to my site.

Is this normal or have I set up something wrong?

You need to have a redis server in order to persist sessions. If you are not using docker, then you need to install that on your local machine. If docker, then enable in the target settings, and change your server connect settings.

Thanks Ken, much appreciated.

I do have a Redis setting on my MAMP Pro server will that work?

Edit: I do have REDIS set up on my MAMP server and configured in Wappler but it prevents local server from starting up. :frowning:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, @mebeingken!

I didn’t end up using Redis, I simply selected ‘File’ for the sessions and it works!

Sometimes I just love Wappler.

@brad You are correct, redis is not needed. But I would suggest to go with DB option here rather than file.

Thanks @sid, I thought of that but wasn’t sure if I have to set anything up in the database to do that

You don’t have to do anything. This session setup is built-into Express. It will automatically create a table named sessions and manage it for you.


Thank you!