Working Google Drive API

Have any of you used the Wappler API extension to query, list, download and upload files on a Google Drive account?

Thanks for any suggestions.

I guess as long as Server Side API isn’t ready, we only can wait for it.

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That’s right - this will be possible as soon as the Server Side API tools are integrated in Wappler.

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Well google drive isn’t that easy because it requires client side authentication.

Could you explain your case more in detail @revjrblack? What files do you want to access from google drive? Your own always or the web users own after authorization?

I want to only access our own Google Drive’s content. The reason is the unlimited storage space that we have, and the speed of the up and down file transfer.

I would like to build a client side login so the client can have exclusive access to the photos of their choice that are stored on our Google Drive account.

This ‘window’ would provide the client an area on our GD that they only have access via their login ID. Once logged in, they can browse ‘their’ photos, and have the option to select what they want to download.

Similar to Unsplash setup, only on a much smaller scale.

Why not just use google drive it’s own sharing options?

Yes, we are doing that now, however we are loosing opportunities to gather information and statistics.

We are wanting to create records in our database that can query the data and also retain the statistics of what is downloaded, etc…

I see. Unfortunately Google is really strict in authorizing 3rd party apps with your account.

It is very difficult to manage it and it comes down that you have to make a special service account that gets all the authorizations and use it to access.

Even then there is so much encryption, tokens and exchange to be done that makes it all very difficult