Work with friendly url

Hello everyone.
Would anyone know how to make a website structure in Wappler to work with friendly url? Without appearing page extensions like pagina.php or pagina.html

Well friendly urls usually are a matter on web server configuration not much a Wappler project structure.
Usually those are configurations are done in a .htaccess file.

Read for more info:


even someone made a generator for those things :slight_smile:

I have never really found this to be an issue. For normal websites I would create a folder structure on the server and in each folder a single page called either index.php index.htm or index.html this way my URLs are always
This then needs no .htaccess modification or mod rewrte rules and conditions.

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I usually develop my sites in code and discovered Wappler. I would really like to develop everything by Wappler. It’s fast, accurate and has all the tools I need to develop a dynamic website.
I thought of just doing a folder structure but as the site is sometimes dynamic, that is, because the admin is created the pages, I just thought of a solution through the .htaccess file.


Ah well some day we might integrate a htaccess generator as well.

For single page apps we do have a router component in the planning already.


With reference to the rising popularity of NGINX, there is no .htaccess functionality in NGINX. In fact, in their arrogance :+1:, they have stated

Stop using .htaccess. It’s horrible for performance. NGINX is designed to be efficient. Adding something like this destroys that.

I am currently in the process of moving all of the sites under my control to an NGINX platform and will have a look at adapting to Paul's (@psweb) solution.

On second thoughts, I don’t think Paul’s solution is achievable when using URL parameters such as product.php?id=6. In fact I wonder if the effort is worth it when Google displays the entry as




My thoughts are that a site needs to be properly validated while a title and description need to be properly constructed. I may be missing the mark in which case I would love to be proved wrong.

Hey @ben I have to admit I have been very concerned about the lack of .htaccess file in NGINX for a bit now. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to be able to operate properly without it.
For sites I do that are quite static as such and do not really rely on url parameters I have always just relied on my directory structure solution. Works well for SEO and is very simple to manage.
Even so, my .htaccess files even on sites like that is often quite full of entries because I am often taking over a 300 page website from someone else and their SEO is generally not what I want and therefore I need to place many redirects from their old page of
On a site like you describe I have always relied on the Dmx seo url rewrite extension which has not been updated in some time and is not even in wappler as yet, but even that extension relies heavily on a …htaccess file.
At this point I am really hoping and praying that a solution presents itself pretty soon or I going to be a little stumped myself.

Working with friendly url and AppConnect has some issues. A year ago I tried to recreate a website (which was using friendly urls) in Appconnect and I had issues executing AppConnect actions. Spent a lot of hours between trying classic php mysql scripts vs AppConnect over the friendly url webpage and realized that when was accessing the web page without a friendly url (Appconnect) was working ok but with a friendly url it was not. The most important issue was that it could not filter data, but maybe this was an .htaccess file issue.

Routing has been integrated in Wappler 1.9.0 and now you can easily, visually setup your friendly URLs: