Woocommerce api connect


How to can I connect woocommerce with API ? Thank you


Well you have to study their API documentation and try it out. Depending on what you want to do you can implement various API calls in your website to communicate with woocommerce.


I want to connect on orders and manipulate there


All the required parameters, methods and other settings should be explained in woocommerce API documentation. Please check it.


Hi @Teodor , I’m really struggling to connect to woocommerce. which extension do you recommend me to use?

Oauth 2 show this error


Ok. At this time I want view order list for import ordine details


Why not check their docs?
It’s explained there what you need to do. We are not familiar with this specific API so explore the documentation they provide and use it with the Server API …



I connected to woocommerce !

It works fine !


Awesome! And now if you could make a simple tutorial and post it here at the forum it will be great!

That is how other people can learn as well!


ok, I will do it


I just want to say thank you and maybe we should understand something very very powerful with that API Wappler to Woocommerce:

I see an API Wappler / Woocommerce as a „base“ which for example just gives you a powerful flexible tool.

  1. You can manage Users there
  2. You can manage Products/Groups
  3. Already has a Dashboard / Wordpress etc
  4. Whole Shop workflow / payments etc is done
  5. No need to update shop related parts or struggling with manual code changes after updates (patching).

Maybe a Tutorial with Wappler API to Wordpress could would drive a huge new amount of Wappler users! Why? Cause there are Millions of Wordpress Installations and alot of Upwork/Freelancer/Fiverr custom work is exactly for Custom Code/Custom Wordpress improvements. We all know how fast we reach limits of Wordpress Plugins. Also the classic Wordpress User is between Jimdo/Wix and Custom Code Web developer ans is especially VISUALLY ORIENTED… perfect match for Wappler


I fully agree with you. Now I will try to connect to Amazon MWS for the possibility of managing orders. Wappler is very powerful and functional, but should be better explained. The founders are very very knowledgeable people and have many years of experience, but they must understand that the majority of wappler users are not at the same level of preparation. It is up to the founders to decide which path to take. I understand that creating a complete documentation for all that wappler can do is not an easy task, but maybe it’s worth evaluating it.
When I can connect with Amazon I will write a post here.


I completely agree with you.

The work to support and answer questions on Forum will decrease if Wappler will be more documented and explained. Otherwise we will see exactly the same thing again and again: People ask similar questions etc …


exactly, and the times set in the forum will increase as the number of wappler users increases. I hope so !!!


Exactly and

  • Documentation / Tutorial needs one time work
  • Support can be endless…

but Support/Forum is very specific sometimes and Wappler Team does an amazing job! Where in the world you can just ask core developers?


I fully agree with you and thank for the compliment :slight_smile: - we love building strong tools!

It is just that we cannot run and describe every user case. Like for example we don’t use Woocomerce or other specific services, so that is why we can’t make tutorials about them. It is much better for you as a user of those services to write about them because you already have a use case and a nice example.


Guys, we cannot really guess which of the thousands API services are you using.

The API tools docs explain how to add your query parameters and headers. It’s up to you to enter them yourself, the logic is the same for any service out there.
The docs you are expecting would only show 2 screenshots, saying:

  • add your headers under headers
  • add your parameters under parameters

we don’t know which API provider requires what parameters, it’s all documented in their docs.

It’s the same as we don’t know what your FTP/SFTP/FTPS settings are …


I need to add that I spoke also about general Docs/Tutorials so not only limited to API. I mean its enough to have some sample config/screens for API as you say, systematic is always the same. Always we have public key, private/secret key, endpoint, request, etc…


I believe the following docs explain the basics pretty well…