Wondering if there is a list with descriptions available?

I have been trying to learn Wappler and I’m really impressed with all the power and the amount of options available - there are so many options I wish I could lay my hands on a description of all the possible attributes that are found across the program. Maybe something like a data dictionary?

Just under Dynamic Attributes for text input:hg there are 3 options – input, styling and display and just below input there are another 8 possible choices (see screen capture). Are all the choices documented somewhere - I find myself wondering what they all do and get lost with so many choices. (BTW, I know that is a good problem to have). :slight_smile:

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these are not wappler specific
its HTML mostly

like value and name are HTML attributes

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In addition to previous reply, please check this site to get familiar with the HTML attributes: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_attributes.asp

OK, thanks - I really appreciate the info.

One more question - as far as validation rules go - are they also considered normal HTML attributes? I don’t see them on the list of HTML attributes. Is there a place I can go to understand them?

No, validation rules are for validating your form inputs. These are the validation rules and their names show what they are for… number expect numbers to be entered etc.

OK, thanks Teodor - sorry for the basic questions - I’m just learning and I have to start someplace :frowning:

PS. I think Wappler is very very cool!!!


@norcoscia: Norm, your questions may basic, but I believe that you are not unique in asking them. I believe that many newbies to Wappler will be confronted with the same problem; there are a myriad of choices that appear and disappear depending on the context of the code.

Using your example, what is the difference to using Number, Digits and Integer? A list/dictionary would be handy as a reference.

Ok @ben, if that is your belief, get cracking on the list. :sunglasses:
As soon as I get the time. :-1:

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Thanks ben - I know most of the people using Wappler are experts and so are the developers so I’m kind of rolling in to a motorcycle race on a bicycle :slight_smile:

With so many choices (that change depending on what you are doing) I spend most of my time clicking through various screens and then choosing things to see if that is what I want. I wish the home button was a back button - sometimes I’m two or three screes deep and then want to back up one to look through the previous screen bam - back to the beginning. Also, since I don’t know which things do what I some times try thing just to see what they do and then there is no way to delete them (and undo does not alway work).

Example - I add a lightbox option yesterday it shows up in the panel on the right but not on the form - I don’t know what it is supposed to do but worse I don’t see how to delete it - see photo below.


@norcoscia i strongly suggest going through the basics here instead of wondering which option does what :slight_smile: