Windows hosting with Microsoft SQL Server 2014

I do not often use ASP.NET as my programming language choice, however I am working on a dashboard currently where the client has specifically requested it, I am however running into an issue with the database connection side.

In the database manager I set all my options as per client specifications, and nothing comes up under the tables, even though I have created a test table using SQLPro for MSSQL.

The odd things however are, the Wappler generated tables of dbo.wappler_migrations and dbo.wappler_migrations_lock are both written to the database server, so the settings themselves must be correct. The test connection also produces a success message.

In the server actions panel I can even see the test table that i created and base a database query on it, which shows the correct columns, but upon running a “test in browser” with the debug flag on I have much of the json file itself returned and a rather large error message.

As the site needs to remain pretty secure, I can not really give too much detail here, however I have PM’d @patrick with the secure details to take a look at.