Extra Database tables: wappler_migration and wappler_migrations_lock

I do not often use ASP.NET as my programming language choice, however I am working on a dashboard currently where the client has specifically requested it, I am however running into an issue with the database connection side.

In the database manager I set all my options as per client specifications, and nothing comes up under the tables, even though I have created a test table using SQLPro for MSSQL.

The odd things however are, the Wappler generated tables of dbo.wappler_migrations and dbo.wappler_migrations_lock are both written to the database server, so the settings themselves must be correct. The test connection also produces a success message.

In the server actions panel I can even see the test table that i created and base a database query on it, which shows the correct columns, but upon running a “test in browser” with the debug flag on I have much of the json file itself returned and a rather large error message.

As the site needs to remain pretty secure, I can not really give too much detail here, however I have PM’d @patrick with the secure details to take a look at.

I am using ASP.NET as the development environment. The same two tables have been generated in my client’s database. The tables do not show up in the DB Manager panel under ‘Tables’.

There’s no issue with the database connection or fetching the records from this database.

I can’t recall adding/modifying anything in the DB Manager panel that could have triggered the addition of these tables. I have not seen these two tables in other databases that have been connected in the same project.

What’s the purpose of these tables? Can these tables be deleted without creating an issue in the project / in the client’s database?

Those two tables are for Wappler internal usage and tracking of the applied database changes.
So you can just ignore them.

Hi @George, thank you for the prompt response to my query; can there be an issue with DB connection if SQL DBA decides to delete these tables? Or should I inform them that these tables are required to run DB queries and that these are not to be deleted? :slight_smile:

If those tables are deleted the Wappler database manager won’t be able to see which of its changes are applied and will start over.

So when applying older changes errors will occur.

So it is better to leave them alone.

If I understand correctly, these tables are keeping a log of the changes made to the DB in Wappler.

Wappler_migration table is currently empty and migration_lock table has only 1 record for index and is_locked fields. I think they must have been created when I clicked on the Seeds and Changes options in the DB Connection Manager. I’m not anticipating any DB changes for this project through Wappler; I need to learn more about this functionality before using it correctly.

I will not delete these tables and I will also advise the DBA to leave these tables as they are.

Thanks again @George for your support :slight_smile:

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