Will the Wappler API work with https://www.html2image.net

Could this site be used with the new API functions in Wappler to generate a .jpg from Wappler HTML? I have not done anything with the API so just trying to find out if it is possible before I sink a million hours into trying to figure out how it works. Thanks in advance for any help… and happy holidays to all!!


Of course you can use … easy

Thanks s.alpaslan, I will start trying to learn about it today - it has been hard wrapping my head around all the things you can do with Wappler but thanks to the great community here I’m making progress :smiley:

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Try and write your experince .
Community users and wappler team always can help !

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OK, but watching me try will be like watching a drunk person trying to fly a jet plane for the first time - you may not want to watch :blush:


@norcoscia If you solved it some Screenshots would help our Wappler Community alot!

OK, just waiting for my key, it said it could take hours…

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Ok great @norcoscia

I think maybe they are closed today :frowning: