Why is Wappler so undermarketed?

Hey Antony thanks for the reply here appreciate it.

I want to quote something here that I have recently posted on my 2nd post on this forum (only got 2 posts).

Alright so let me get this straight.

If I create an App on BS 5 with Wappler, if Wappler later on moves to BS 8 and doesn’t support BS 5 anymore, this App would not be able to function in Wappler any more.

This means that if I build a website/app and it goes well and through the years it keeps going well, in 3-4 years this website/app that was built with little to no code now needs to be maintained by hand code exclusively since we won’t be able to use the Wappler software to manipulate it anymore.

So is it fair to say that Wappler is a noCode-lowCode software appplication that you can create an App today but if you want to keep maintaining it in the future you will have to either reconfigure the whole thing or maintain it with code instead of noCode or lowCode, because older Bootstrap versions will become obsolete everytime?

Is this correct?

This is my last comment on my 2nd post about if Bootstrap is mandatory to use instead of using for example css grid and flexbox and CSS (perhaps with a precompiler like SASS).

Theodor just explained that they don’t plan not to support bootstrap 5 in the future so my app would be autodetected.
That sounds okay I suppose.
Thanks again.

The people behind Wappler have been around a long time. They are very helpful and approachable, and I love the fact they moved from making extensions for Dreamweaver to totally replacing Dreamweaver. I would never go back now that I’m used to Wappler. The product is still evolving rapidly, and has outpaced it’s training materials and documentation, however the user forums are fantastic to get answers to questions.


Maybe this will help understand our philosophy:

and the users feedback:

Next to the whole #from-bubble-to-wappler category here.


Hey @George

There was no way I’d go with Bubble anyway, I’d have to be out of my mind. If I wanted to do this as a hobby perhaps but I am not.

Thanks for the article!

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Not really. In fact that is a skewed perspective of WP.

When someone wants to build a web site with very low budget that is the way to go.

If would be fool hard to build a general purpose web site in Wappler because a developer will have to spend a lot of time fighting with Wappler itself to get things done the way one wants it.

Here read very low budget as less than $600.

I wouldn’t even touch a site for that much.

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Just came across this thread.

Here’s a thought.

I’m a product marketing manager for a product-led company. I’m their first marketing manager, they’ve been around for 12 plus years, they have 4million active users.

Zero marketing until I was hired 2 months ago.

Companies don’t need marketing. Especially bootstrapped ones that want sustained progressive growth.

Go read up on product-led growth as a concept and you’ll understand how many companies now are forgoing the active marketing route and just building a product that sells itself.

Is it slower? For sure. Hence why the company I work at has finally said they need someone to do marketing (aside from helping with retention and conversion).

Wappler is going after a particular type of developer. They aren’t after the mass of Bubble generic bubble users. And from my view, they’re quite happy with a slow and steady growth trajectory. I’m working on another startup and we have the same philosophy.


You’d be surprised how quickly you can get a site done in Wappler once you start playing with it. Take longer than WP, sure…but, once deployed it’s deployed. No plugin updates. :slight_smile:

I still use Wordpress sometimes though.


I have no idea but it’s about to make me look like a genius lol. It feels like cheating when you take the time to compare it with what is out there.


I hope Wappler stays hidden, its like having a nuclear weapon up my sleeve while everyone else is running around with potato guns, lol.

Just kidding, sort of, but in all honesty look at other tools that had better marketing strategies from the past like Macromedia Dreamweaver, well Adobe took them over, pulled out half the backend stuff and carried on developing it, then ADDT came along with a great set of tools to help us out and were taken over by some other crowd who just killed the product, so I have been disappointed by the larger software giants more than the smaller ones.

It may just be me, but when I meet a guy in a fancy suit talking about all the millions he is going to spend with me, I do not trust him at all, give me the client in flip flops and shorts who loves his work any day. Sorry Wappler to metaphorically reference you as the flip flop and shorts guys, but that exactly why I love this product. Imagine me trying to speak directly with the owner of any other Software Development company, lol, unless I win the lottery they would not give me the time of day, and with Wappler I can just tag them in my posts, that makes me trust them more than any fancy marketing campaign. I suppose it helps that I used DMXZone for about a decade too.


I don’t want Wappler to be too popular actually. At the end Adobe buys it and removes it from the market …