Why automatically created .html file when I created .php file in wappler?


Hi Folks
Why automatically created .html file when I created .php file in wappler 2.0.0 Beta 3? What is difference and why?

Nyi Nyi Lin


Can you explain your issue a little more detailed?


As you can see , I have created a new project (php server model) with index.html already exists and new page called home.php , but another index.php and home.html appears automatically, It make me confuse which one I need to put components to them.

What is the best practices for implementing wappler project regarding page creation?

Nyi Nyi Lin


This does not really happen on my computer.
Can you explain how do you create the new file - are you doing this in the files panel, or using the add new file button in the top bar?

When does the second file appear - is it on saving the php file?


I tried both ways. when I add new page with other name , no issue . I having issue with index and home. Resolved by recreate them with different names.


I tested with both - home and index.
When does this happen for you - can you make a small video showing what you click exactly and when the file duplication happens?


no issues here. i can create php or html files like before.