Who wants to see a RoR (Ruby on Rails) server model?

Wappler looks so cool but I don’t have any PHP or asp.net experience. I love the simplicity of RoR but can’t find a good visual editor. It seems to me that Wappler would be a greater force multiplier if it supported RoR server model.

Hi Ezra, welcome to Wappler.:balloon:

I do not wish to be the party pooper, but I have not had to use PHP or ASP while using Wappler with the exception of using $_POST (PHP) variables for the Server.


Can you expand on this? Why do you think that?

Because RoR is a great development platform, especially with unit testing component. If Wappler were able to assist/facilitate in creating unit tests, this would streamline rapid prototyping and general development.

I think the main thing here is that Wappler augments the server side. So there’s no benefit to it unfortunately. Wappler won’t be able to take advantage of Ruby’s built in awesomeness because it would have to also have the same feature on php asp and (eventually) node server types. What you could do though is use ruby for your backend and create it all as backend api and then use Wappler for the front end connecting to your ruby api endpoints.

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It is indeed. I have quite a background in RoR. However I can’t possibly think how Wappler would take advantage of it at the moment.

ORM and testing components are on the roadmap.

I guess I am too much of noob for a developer. My background is enterprise infrastructure but RoR is so much fun because of the “automagically created” parts. I guess I was thinking that is would be really nice to be able to visually edit the html pages while using the erb handler inside of wappler. Additionally, I was thinking that if there were a way to help in learning how to create unit tests, that would be great for noobs like me.

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Do you use wappler with your RoR projects at all?