Which way to take for Multilanguage

I‘m planning to do some tests with languages. First I want to think about the concept and which way I should take.

  • I could make a translationfile and maybe bind these infos to smth like $$LangVars$$ where I use the proper translation? (Filebased)
  • Store Language Variables for texts ans buttons into a database? (DataBased… lol)
  • Set Language via URL Parameter or Browser Lang. detection and then pass/read Language translations via ServerSession? (Yess Sessions…)

Do you have any experience with that multilanguage? I mean I‘m not talking about Arabic language (right to left), which would make stuff even more complicated. But what are your best practices with that, where you struggle and which way is good to go ?

Hi Freddy,
We use a small piece of JavaScript and a .json dictionary file to enable us to switch languages. Can be set via a cookie or the users browsers language. We usually allow the User to select and set their language in their Profile, and a cookie is then set for the remainder of their session upon log-in. We also provide some flag buttons to allow for other languages to be switched on the fly. We use this for Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and several other languages. If you have no alternatives suggested tonight I could provide you with a working example tomorrow. Had a long day here today.

Ping me a message so I remember.


Yes! Yes! Yes! A json language file would be even more readable for anybody who needs to translate it. Yes would be nice to see the concept of languages, cause I was looking for that. Take a nap now! :sleeping:

Attached is the structure to accomplish the above including all files required.

May be of help to others looking to do the same.

ForFreddy.zip (125.5 KB)


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