Where to find a list of what is allowed in a url

Not a Wappler specific question, but I am working on a job with many languages and need to get dynamic urls in some parts, but some names have funny characters like the crunchy ae in Lyngvær, as a destination.

Question 1, is there a list somewhere that tells me what is allowed in a url and what is not.

Question 2, is there possibly a replacement script that would be smart enough to map out all bad characters to good ones so I never land up with encoded urls like Lyngv%C3%A6r and rather it swaps out crunchy æ with just ae.

By the way crunchy æ is called a diphthong, I learned that today.

Hi Paul,
You can use the slugify formatter for your urls (anchor tags, menu items etc) so that the funny characters are replaced.


Brilliant, thank you Teodor, love Wappler, nice quick fix.