Where are the Server Actions linked to Mobile Project stored

I have a mobile project with server actions from Data API project. The mobile project build works, but I cannot find the Data API project that it uses on my computer file directory. Is it possible that the Mobile Project has a copy of the server actions stored in the Mobile project directory?

Can you elaborate a bit more? The API files would be wherever you put them when you set up your project.

No, the API files will be in your API Project folder.

The site or Data API folder is missing from my computer.
But what surprises me is that I can still build and run the mobile App successfully with database query result.
So where is it getting the server actions from.

Well … you can see this in the mobile project, where you call the dynamic data etc. it points to the project you are getting the data from.

Under Action field in Server Connect Properties I see the following:
Also From Site at the top right corner shows: dtings
But I don’t have a folder or file dtings.

What surprises me is how it is able to build and run.
How can I find where the files are stored so that I can update the server actions.

You should have a separate project in Wappler that has your API. You have to have created a project that all your data queries and such are.

I doubt anyone here would be able to tell you where you have them on your hard drive.

Do you have a project with your API?

Perhaps this will help?


Are you talking about this top right corner?

If so, that is a project name - not a folder name. This would mean you have a project called ‘dtings’ and that would likely be where your API is at. That is where you select the project where your API files are.

I believe I have found it under api folder, will check.

Wappler documentation needs to be more detailed, showing where some things are stored. Most of the documentation is very superficial. The documentation focuses on showing screen capture and what button to press or click and not discussing why and how the components are related to producing App.

Things are stored in your projects. Projects are stored where you set them up. Documentation would not be able to show you where you created your projects. That’s just computers 101.

Do you not know what your projects you have created are for? Or where to find them?

Again, where you keep your files has nothing to do with Wappler. Do you have dynamic data from a database in your mobile project? Maybe you don’t even have an API site? If you do it would have to be uploaded to a server somewhere as well to be working.

Let’s start from the beginning. Open your projects selection UI. Post a screenshot of your projects. All your projects should be listed.

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