When I write css code blocks and I can not write anything

After a while start working again, Any solution?

Is it possible to explain the problem a bit better. What is the code block that you are writing?

Explaining using screen captures and or videos would be very handy.

This happens all the time right now just blocks. I want to type css code and doesn’t let me do anything, sometimes if I close the css tab or I go to another page or copy a class start working again does this all the time. I tried to use styles tab but sometime doesn’t work properly too. Anyways. And looks like when it blocks and I try to do anything typing or erasing the cursor in other page because when I go to other tab from home.css to home.html I have erased some html code kind a crazy.

Yes, I have come across the same issue. The way that I solve it is to close all other documents while working on the CSS document. I haven’t found the time, or motivation, to file a bug. Maybe you could do that, but the problem needs to be explained a little bit better.

Good luck!

Is this the same issue reported here?

For me, yes.

Yes I reported the same issue too

Hi Ben, for sure is a bug. I know how to solve it without closing other documents. What happen is when you go back and forth from one document to another ex. home.html to home.css and you left the cursor in one of the lines when you go to ccs document you can not wright because you still in the other page and if you do anything with the keyboard on css you writing or erasing on the other page if you put the cursor in a empty line doesn’t happen.
If you have the time check that out.

Thank you