When Adobe hit your door


This is just an imaginary talk but if we consider what has happened with Interakt some years ago, if we remember all the triumph and bells that Spry was promoted from Adobe once upon a time and last but most important how much money and effort was invested in Flex | Flashbuilder well I think it is a matter of time that Adobe will hit Wappler door.

I can see @patrick , @Teodor, @George walking into Abode’s office discussing how Wappler can be part of the Adobe’s CC rename it to Wadobe and eventually a few years later Adobe will kill it.

What is happening with Wappler is that it is actually becoming the Flex builder that Adobe was imagining to have someday. They never managed to create an HTML5 version of Flex, and this is what Wappler is becoming. The only thing that Wappler hasn’t touched yet (but maybe someday it will) is the creation of graphics through programming. Other than that Wappler is Adobe’s sweetest candy that they still don’t own.

They only thing that can save Wappler from Adobe is that DMXzone is still developing everything for DW so maybe if they dont decide to kill DW they will let Wappler be.


Don’t worry about that Niko - it will never happen :slight_smile:

Also comparison to Flex builder - is bad - Flex builder was build on the wrong technology from start, so it was doomed to end.

That is definitely not the case with Wappler. Wappler is build on top of open web technology and deeply respects it. All the core components are web standards based.

Also Wappler is like a swish knife - it can be used in so many ways - but still with maximum results and productivity.

And we are extending Wappler quickly - so it becomes much more than an web and app editor.

So the future is bright - enjoy! :slight_smile:


The comparison with Flex is in the sense that they wanted to create a tool that with drag & click to be able to create one page webapps. I know that Wappler is a dream project come true for all of you (and for us) and this is why you invest so much effort in it

I agree that future is bright, infact it is so bright that someday soon it will blind Adobe’s eyes :slight_smile:


In a lot of ways, Adobe reminds me of Microsoft. Microsoft comes out with things all the time and then kills it or introduces something to replace it. Remember Hotmail, Live, Live QnA, MSN QnA, Internet Explorer, Full Screen Start Menu, Kinect 2.0, Windows Media Center, Zune, Windows Phone, Xbox Music, Groove Music Pass, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Encarta, Windows Mobile 10, Microsoft Band, Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive, and Streets and Trips. To name a slight few.

I think the problem is that there are too many moving parts at companies like Microsoft and Adobe. I remember talking to someone at Adobe that said, “If two different software teams speak to each other, it’s probably because they’re stuck on the elevator together.” Both companies have a real struggle in unifying the experience and vision behind all of their software.

I think that is where Wappler shines. Wappler has a unique interface that has its own personality, and all of the different components work together seamlessly in a design that is both modern and empowering. Wappler is more like an Apple product in that the design of the software and what it can do for users is backed by incredible passion and vision.


I live in a bit of a backward country, that has got a lot better, but a decade or more ago I was chatting with my personal banker and they were telling me that all of the countries tax records were stored on a very antiquated system, that only one man in the country knew how to fix, while the country was transitioning to a new system, they made sure he was safe with some bodyguards. @George do you have bodyguards, if not it might be an idea. No extreme sports and no crossing roads without looking left and right a few times, we can not afford you to get taken out by any Adobe hired hitmen. :smile:


I‘m sure Adobe wants to step into Wapplers World. But it would just stop the creativity and weekly/monthly updates and even more!


Nice scenario @t11… it is natural to imagine something toghether. Often companies purchase other companies not to upgrade their technologies but to kill competitors without maintain their technologies.

As per Wappler I do not see the problem… in this community we are 1000 user. So just 1 million each one we get 1 billion and we purchase and continue development of Wappler…

This is a scenario…

In real life… I can put one million by today…!!
Oops I forget… I m speaking about Zimbabwe Dollars :frowning:

Wappler will have long and successfully road… no need big company to back it.

Live long and prosper Wappler


@George would you be able to resit the temptation of millions of dolars so Adobe can kill your product to not compete with theirs?


Haha, you guys are reacting to this post, as if we said “Wappler is going to be acquired by Adobe”. There is no such thing and we have no intention to do this :slight_smile:
Please don’t worry about such things and enjoy Wappler.


I’m still having fun with Wappler and I appreciate the fact that I doubt I will ever outgrow its feature set and capability - for me it is like the ulltimte set of building blocks. I only wish I could put it into rookie mode some days while I learn more.

For someone like me, having some features I could almost drag and drop would be welcome as my experience level grows. Heck, radio button cookies are still kicking my butt and I can’t help but think stuff like that could be easier.

OK, I’m done whining now - everyone back to work on 1.5.3 - hoping I can just say “Wappler, build my web site” And then Wappler will invoke IA mode, read my mind and create my website - hey, it could happen :smiley:

My first post in the coffee lounge - hope I get a new badge for this… it has been days since I got one :disappointed_relieved:


I’ll share a secret with you guys. Next major version of Wappler is going to include AI!

Here’s a preview of how is v2 going to work:



ha ha, I guess that is better than you sending me this badge :slight_smile:

PS. You are still my hero Teodor, thanks for putting up with me!


Funniest post ever winner @Teodor, you made my day, especially the PS, mwahaha


lol and then speaking to Alexa for wappler development while sitting drunken :beer: on a couch and eat a donut… :doughnut:

  • YES Abobe will hit wapplers door
  • No way Adobe will do that

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I think discussion make sense, i had same experience with adobe’s products, As they announce new software at Adobe MAX, everyone appreciate and claps Also straight started to download the software. I’m one of them but i sat outside america :slight_smile: Adobe Reflow, Adobe Flash Catalyst, Adobe Edge Animate are dead. Adobe Muse is infected by virus soon to be dead :slight_smile: I strongly believe that DMXZone will not drop Wappler in Adobe’s Bag.


Don’t forget they have a history of killing good apps.

Anyone remember FireWorks?


@Howard Fireworks was funny. You coul just store your whole project into a PNG with slices information etc. And the same png could be uploaded to your website. Also these animations were funny, onMouseOver etc. But now its in Photoshop.