What was smth. u changed after using Wappler

Maybe my title isnt so clear. But I‘m wondering what is the biggest change in how you do work in Wappler now, compared to 1 month or more?

1️⃣FIRST :
For example I thought that I need to link every DB Query wasnt clear. I was just linking every query as I thought that otherwise it won‘t work. Then I understood the concept and just linked queries which are used on other pages as well.

My second biggest change of how I work with Serveractions was that I had no plan how to structure and group/name my Serveractions. Then I started to use a naming convention. Also i think having smth like CRUD makes sense. As a list/simple select query is different than an insert statement.

My third mistake was that I started using alof of dedicated Server Actions. Then tried to save energy and maybe use some „Global“ Server Actions, where I dont define an filters. And on aome pages I could pass input Filters. So I dont need to make queries for each page, only cause some small Filter changes.

I still struggle with how expressions are built up in that tree editor where you can add kinda sub objects / hierachical structure.

That you need to save Server Actions separately from your website, as its included separately.

That there is still an importance about how you order elements in App Structure and also in Server Actions. You‘ll notice that, when you mixup Security Provider with Database Connection in the wrong order :laughing::ok_hand:t5:

Not taking care about in which Server Action I‘m doing my changes. Now finally I see my „actual“ working Server Action blinking when changing or so. Thats very helpful. Only if its in an expanded Server Action Folder. Otherwise you still wont see where you do changes

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The change, as far as I can see, is very simple. Where, before Server Connect, I included the server side transactions in my main document, these transactions are now waiting for me to deploy into my main document.

Previously: server -> client
Currently: server -> api -> client

The inclusion of an api has the result that server actions are front end agnostic. Logically, the server actions do have to transmit information that is required for the front end, but that is where the relationship ends.

The front end retrieves the data from the api (the information is already sitting there) and delivers it in the format that is required. Tools like Data Traversal are of great assistance to this end.

I am not sure, but I think that the term used is ‘detached’ system where the back end is detached from the front end. I believe that the addition of the api also acts as an extra security layer.

In my simplistic way of thinking (I may be wrong) it helps me to understand the system and use it to keep things as simple as possible.