What "Wappler" means in Austria

I guess people already have told you but if not let me enlighten you with a fun fact:
In Austria, “Wappler” means idiot. And especially in the upper regions of this small country, this word is being used many many times.
So there already were a few instances, where I told people about this great program and tried to enthuse them but wasn’t really able to because of the name!

Just imagine I went up to you and said to you: “Since a few weeks I’m using this great software which is called idiot and it enables me to produce high quality dynamic webapps! And the cool thing is, idiot costs me just about 35€ a month!”
And then I’d try to name a few advantages of idiot and what makes idiot stand out as opposed to other web app builders.

I think you got the idea :joy:
My highly technical approach to this problem is to transform the word to something that sounds like “Wobbler”. Still silly I know :joy:

Okay now I have this of my chest


Haha yes we already know that :slight_smile:

We met some Austrian guys last year when we introduced Wappler at the websummit in Portugal - and they were pretty amused as well but as explained that it’s ok and also the meaning is only in Austria and more specific around Vienna

So it’s all good :slight_smile: - we are not called WIx that have much bigger problem in Germany :slight_smile:

Yes that's right. Good thing I live in the mountains of Austria :wink: . Still, the cuss is known in the whole country.


Actually Wappler is also a very common family name in Germany as well. That’s why we couldn’t name our twitter and YouTube channel just Wappler

So we named them Wapplerio :slight_smile:

So hey call it Wapplerio in Austria :slight_smile:

That is a really cool idea! With the “io”, it’s clear I’m talking about an english named software :slight_smile:

Well it sounds more like Italian name :slight_smile:

Not Valerio but Wapplerio :slight_smile:

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Ah that’s how you meant it! Also an option.

It could be that "also an idiot can make a website with Wappler ":wink:


Brilliant! That was the plan all along

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These things happen in a globalized world, which create even more ‘difficult situations’. For example there is a famous Spanish football player called ‘Munitis’. In Greek, this means ‘her p***y’ (yeah imagine all the embarrassment when the speaker had to call his name when he had the ball :slight_smile: ) What happened is that many of them (speakers) were calling him by his first name ‘Pedro’.

The worst that I have seen regarding Wappler’s name is that many arrogant ‘Super Pros’ programmers just call all of us idiots, retarded for using a software called idiot. Let them haters be haters and let’s just focus on all the good things we can produce with Wappler which make all those super Pros feel very uncomfortable.


:joy: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :clown_face: Ha, ha thats funny.

You could always deadpan them and say ...

“Well with all the features wouldn’t only a Wappler not use Wappler?”

Then pause for a moment … followed by ...

“There is a free community edition, even a Wappler like you may enjoy it”.

As one of those community edition people, I enjoy it so far. I'm still trying to decide if I am an idiot however.



So now I’m curious, . . .

Where did the name Wappler come from?

Just to add to the discussion from the other side of the pond, the Urban Dictionary (a crowdsourced collection of slang words on the Internet) defines Wappler as " a bad ass kid that is awesome at everything he does and bitches [flock] to him like [birds]. Most likely a god on the water. otherwise known as " [wap]. You’ll have to let us know if this defines @Teodor or @patrick ?


Thanks for digging this up. It was funny to read.


Pajero means ‘wanker’ or ‘excessive masturbator’ in Spanish. I learned that in a marketing course about branding, It must be difficult to sell a car called ‘wanker’ to the Spanish speaking public. :grinning:

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