What to expect from current Stripe integration


What should we be expecting from the current Stripe integration?

Is it completely built out where every element/action is fully functional? If so, have they all been tested by Wappler?

Or is it that while all the actions and elements are shown, their functionality has not been fully built out yet, and we should be patient?

Another way of asking is, if there is no documentation produced, should we assume things are not ready for use?

I am happy to be patient and wait, but also do not want to try and build things that Wappler has yet to confirm are working. I’ve been working under the assumption that everything shown has been tested by Wappler, but having branched out beyond the things documented by Wappler, it feels like that might not be a good assumption on my part.

The current Stripe implementation is fully feature complete.

Obviously we haven’t testen all of the 300 possible api calls and workflows but we are following automatically the stripe api specification as it is defined by stripe for NodeJS and PHP.

We have described the most common workflows but there are many more possible.

Some of the advanced workflows can be challenging to implement but those are really advanced and you might not really need them.

We are updating the server connect UI’s with more deeply nested options that you will see in tomorrow’s version.

So that will make it pretty much feature complete.

Of course there will be always room for improvements.


Okay great, that helps.

I’ll submit bugs after tomorrow if I still see the issues.

Also we regularly update the Stripe Server Connect Actions and their properties to the latest Stripe API specification as specified in OpenAPI spec on:

happily we build a generator for that :slight_smile:

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