What should be learned first?

Is it realistic and possible for a person who has never used Dreamweaver or any DMXzone products to learn Wappler. Particularly if all they have been using is Adobe Muse or Wordpress. If it is not realistic does anyone have any suggestions on what application or knowledge base should be learned and or used first before moving on to Wappler?

Hi there and welcome to Wappler community. Well depends on what you would like to create first. I mean if you plan to create dynamic websites | webapps you should have a good knowledge of database creation and how data should be related.
When you create the database then you should start by creating queries and server side funcionality using Serverconnect. Then you should learn how to interact with this data using Appconnect.

If you plan to create more static websites then I would suggest you should start with the layout creation and little by little start adding more dynamic stuff.

I would suggest to start from what you are trying to accomplish, and then try to develop it using Wappler (being something dynamic or not)

Much like any program; even Word or Excel, there is a learning curve. Learn what you need to learn first and the rest will come. Iā€™d suggest starting with the Bootstrap framework as for web Wappler is very good in that area and the rest can be built upon after that.

Again, it all depends on your needs.

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