What is wappler. - from the client's perspective

how to explain to clients. what is a wappler. whether wappler is the same as codeigniter, laravel or php code generator like phpmaker. thanks

Me personally, I would class it as a ‘Low Code Rapid Application Development (RAD)’ tool/platform


It amazes me that clients are even interested in the tools that we as developers use. Most want a working website yesterday and be able to find it ranked number one in a Google search.


Nailed it in my view.


Nice one!

Wappler is an editor/IDE like Dreamweaver, Visual Studio and many others, its focus is on letting you create websites/apps without having to do a lot of coding. It allows you to do a lot visually and offers a lot of builtin components for you to use.

Codeigniter and Laravel are frameworks, Wappler uses App Connect and Server Connect as frameworks but they are not obligated and you may use other frameworks. But when using other frameworks you will loose many of Wapplers features.

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For people without any technical or web understanding I often say - Wappler is the photoshop for web development :slight_smile: but then better


I can honestly say that since 1997 I have never had one client care what was used to build a site. Even now that I only do internal projects for my employer, even they don’t know or care what I use.

It’s like asking a carpenter or auto mechanic what kind of tools they use.


My clients rarely ask me what tool I use but they do contact me (with an unhappy voice) right after their web site is live and ask me why they can’t find it in the first Google result! :smile:
Now before starting a project I explain how things work regarding the Google ranking.

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