What Is The Easiest Way to Create a Blog Section of Your Web Site?

Hi Wappler gang…

I want to start creating a blog section on my product web site… so it will have its own local menu options like most recent posts, posts by category, most popular posts, etc etc. The individual posts will have quite a lot of images mixed in with the text, and reference to some videos too.

Of course I can build the menu structure and the blog pages by hand in Wappler… or create the content as a database structure… but I was wondering if there is any kind of tool you can easily add to your Wappler based web site that makes managing all the links and content easier than that…

I’m using Gitbook for my full documentation and I like the interface it has for content creation, so I could use that to create the content and then do something with the markdown it creates… is there any kind of markdown plugin kinda thing I can use?

So many possibilities! :exploding_head:

I’ve love to hear any experience you have! :tada: