What do people do to show a 'we use cookies' alert?

I’m needing to add a cookie alert message to a site but am undecided on the best way to do it. What have others done? I don’t want it to be as prominent as a modal and will be using a cookie (I still laugh at the irony!) to store that it’s been displayed to prevent it from continuously showing.

The cookie you are using for the modal is not a problem. The problem are the tracking cookies :slight_smile:
So you can just show an alert on the page with a button, setting a cookie and the hide/show this alert based on the cookie value.


Yep, I’m thinking an alert is the way to go. Thanks for the (as always!) speedy reply.

We still use the DMX method to display notifications if cookies are disabled, and a simple div footer that can be hidden after acceptance of the policy, without acknowledgement we state that by continuing to use the application the user accepts the policy by default.


Which reminds me to setup a tutorial showing how to do the same in Wappler and an the alert component tomorrow :slight_smile:


Here’s a quick tutorial showing how to create such an alert:


Top drawer @Teodor, many thanks for that. It is exactly how I had implemented it so it’s comforting to know I’m doing things right :slight_smile:

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I just release a Cookie Consent component