What are Moments and when are they used / needed?

I noticed Moment - a date localization formatting framework included was added to Wappler in 1.3.1 but I can’t dig up any info on it or how to use it. I looked at the DMXZone docs too. I inserted one on my page and did not see anything happen. Likely a dumb question but what does it do and how / why would you use it?

Hello @norcoscia
Currently Moment js framework is used in App Connect Datepicker for localization of the dates. Check the video which explains how to use it: https://www.dmxzone.com/go/33256/app-connect-date-picker-localization-options

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Thanks, when I was searching over in the DMXZone I used Moment as my search term and that is why I did not find anything. Pretty simple to understand and use if needed :smile:

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I confess, i also wondered about that. I see a follow on from my date picker videos

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Maybe in the future we can offer extended options for using moment js, if there are requests for any functionality.

Hello @Teodor has Moment been implemented as stand alone? Because I simply need to print date time in my locale, with some other formatter as Moment supposedly capable of but didn’t find direction how to achieve it. Help needed. :pray:

Just found it