What and Why is RECID?

Have been seeing these values being added and removed from queries in SA randomly since updating to version 6 (or probably even in 5).

What is this? And why does Wappler keep adding and removing these randomly on random queries. In some queries it does not add these at all. Have seen this on all projects.

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Good question, noticedt he saem

RECID (for as I can tell) stands for RECord ID. I am probably wrong, but still :slight_smile:

I believe recid refers to the uniquely identity a record in the database.
By default system uses recid as primary index in the absence of a defined index, so if query optimizer didn’t find any index to use it will use recId as a fallback value.
Probably always there, just not sure why it is getting exposed in the query results.
In some context it can also be a pointer to the FIRST record in a query result.


Bump. Can someone please explain/fix this? @patrick/@George
It wastes so much time going through these lines as changes in code-diff!