Weeknumber in date format

Hi there . I realy enjoy wappler but i jumped out og the gate and started without reading anything… my bad . I based everything around weeks only to find that the date format dosent support it ? Is there an East workaround ? Thanks in advance Kenneth

Can you explain what you want to achieve please?

I want a date styring to format as weeknumber like… 2018-10-23 becomes 43 om the date formater there is everything but weeknumber in php i just use. W as format type but i can’t find ut. Sorry for bad English. Om å Norwegian :rofl:

Is this in the datepicker or do you wish to do it when binding data on the page?

When binding data . I get 2018-10-23 from my db and i want it to output 43

I see, we do not currently have this in the formatter indeed, but I will check if this can quickly be added in the next update

That would made my day… with the speed you guys have these days i wont be ready with the site before u release an update… si kl just keep om with the week until then… thanks for fast and good help… :+1::grin:

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Do you just want the ISO weeknumbers or localized weeknumbers. Weeknumbers can be different per region.

Oh dident know… in Norway this weeknumber is 43 and new week starts on monday… not sure of that is localized ??

I think its the same for all of europ atleast. But if we could use it with moment and get localized day names to it would be great :+1:

Have this been solved?
It would be nice to have a way to “Get Week” in date formatter like the “Get Year” and “Get Month” which already exists :slight_smile:

I am in need of a Get Day of Week. I’m was able to replace getmonth with getDay(unlisted) c_date.getDay(c_date) to give me a Digit like 6. Now i need to convert that to Saturday…

It’s for a Event listing, i want to show the day… any ideas?

You should be able to simply use the date formatter. I’m on my phone right now so can’t take a screen shot.

This is what i’m using… is there another date formater?

I’m Bliiiiiiind!!! duh :slight_smile: Found it.

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