Website interactions and animations like Webflow

I’d like to have Website interactions and animations like Webflow has

p.s. they also have a great ui for that.

Hi swf, you already have parallax, animations, interactions and more with Wappler and its very easy to use. You should check the Wappler documentation.

Pinegrow uses Greensock. One of their demos reminds me of a feature request which I still hope will be implemented in Wappler one day - .


I know. But Webflow is way more flexible and powerfull.

I am a professional Webflow user and a graphic designer and I love their university and UI. I think that in terms of animations and interactions is what keeps me stick with them. I just found Wappler this year (2020) and I am pretty much convinced that Wappler is more powerful than Webflow and Bubble and any other platform I have found. But… Webflow is something else when it comes to animations and interactions. If Wappler surpasses that or just even equal that, I would say that I have nothing to do with Webflow any more (even though I still love it).

The greatest and most incredible websites I’ve seen are made in Webflow coincidentally. I remember that what brought me to the web design were a few websites I saw that after a few years I found out they were made on Webflow.

I learned Webfllow in deep and have made a bit amount of money with beautiful websites full of interesting animations (clients love that). But, When it comes to power, Webflow is not the right tool, but Bubble and better yet Wappler. You can’t build native webapps or mobile apps on Webflow and that’s what brought me to this powerful product.

I really hope I could help make this product better from a designer’s point of view in the long run.


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Hi @Melvyn_Paulino, could you please paste here some links/examples of thouse beautiful great sites? So we can see what you are talking about and perhaps unterstand better your point of view for people like me who never used webflow before.

Sure. I have a long list of websites I have saved as inspirations that were made on Webflow. Here I’ve listed just a few:


Well, hope you go through each of these websites and watch every single section so you can understand my point. If those outstanding things can be done with Wappler than this is the best product in the world. The problem is that the only well designed website I have seen made on Wapplet is the Wappler site itself.


I can’t find any single reason why you wouldn’t be able to recreate those examples with wappler.

That talks about the designers and not the product itself.

One reason could be that Webflow caters to designers while Wappler does to developers due to the features that each one of them pack.

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Of course you could program these animations but the question is if you can do it with the Wappler UI and are dynamic data supported for this. Wappler supports “only” a low base of animations none of higher end animations like you see on apple’s product webpages for example.

And I dont’ think that our Wappler built websites look that bad …


Yes. Wappler could integrate at some point a nice animation library but I think well designed websites don’t really need so many fancy animations.

All those are just bells and whistles that don’t really add much to the experience IMHO.

But of course I do not design portfolio and showcase apps where animations might shine so I could be biased to more functional webapps.

In any case my point was that Wappler has potential for great UI but it is just attracts more developers and app builders than classic html+css frontend designers. And that is probably the reason why @Melvyn_Paulino hasn’t found too many examples of stunning design. But not because Wappler isn’t capable as a tool.

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The visual experience is much better with well implemented scroll animations. Especially for product showcases or services.

As a modern UI based developer tool, Wappler has to support animations that allows modern visual effects at a high level. And I think that the Webflow kind of implementation should really be considered.


Great to know that could achieve those interactions and animation with Wappler.

You’re totally right, Webflow is caters to designer, front-end and Wappler to developers. The reality is that I am loving Wappler more and more.

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I agree with you

Totally right man. I am more a designer than a developer, I only know HTML, CSS and bit of JS and for me and my clients the those type of unconventional designs with animations are crucial.

Motion.Page is being released any day now and is the exact solution it would be great to see in Wappler.