Webpage server actions are not connecting with the server

It appears as though I have connection with my database (i.e. I can view and edit my tables and I can create API server actions such as queries, inserts, etc just fine. However when I try to execute the server actions through my webpages, nothing happens. I’ve tried to do a form submission with ON SUCCESS and ON ERROR notification messages and no notifications are displayed on submission of the form. I tried to do a simple query to display data on the page and nothing is retrieved. I’m using BS5 with PHP server model. This is a new site so this is the first time I’m connecting with the database and executing server actions. Please help!

is this somewhere online to preview it?
If not can you please send the PHP of the subpage to check it out?

Thank you!

Please check Debugging Server Connect Errors

Here is the link to the webpage.
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Is it a .php page online, or an .html one?


Niko, file extension doesn’t matter! No need to change it to php. As i suggested, please follow what’s described here:

I checked for messages in the developer tools and no error was detected.

Make sure to follow what’s explained there! Enable debug mode and enable detailed error reporting on your server.

I get 500 error code on my server actions but there does not appear to be a message when I click on each one that provides more details on what the error is.

Enable detailed error reporting on your server in order to see these.

I’m sorry for my ignorance. I’ve never used the developer tools before. Where do I set to detailed reporting?

In your server settings, please contact your hosting or server admin.